Production Cell

The production cell is a case study from the FIZ in Karlsruhe. Egon Börger and Luca Mearelli made an ASM description of the case study. Luca Mearelli translated the specification to C++ by hand. The FIZ constructed a graphic visualization of the production cell using Tcl/Tk. The visualization can be used for testing an implementation.
We took the ASM description and translated it (cell.asm) into the syntax of the ASM Workbench. There is also a tool which can translate a specification from that syntax into HTML. The HTML document contains hyperlinks from definition to usage and back. The document is available on this site.

Automatic Code Generation

One part of my Ph.D is a compiler from ASM to C++. The input specification should be in the syntax of the ASM Workbench. With some additional information about the specification the compiler generates C++ code which can easily be integrated into other systems. The generated code can be compared with the original specification and you can use a normal debugger to inspect a run.
In the case of the production cell we wrote an interface to the graphical visualization from the FIZ.



The package contains binary versions of the compiled code for Linux and Solaris. Please notice that neither the specification in C++ nor the ASM-compiler is included in the package. You can just download the file and take a look at the simulation. The graphical visualization from the FIZ is included. Tcl/Tk should be installed on your machine.


You can extract the files in the package using the following command line:
  cat production_cell.tar.gz | gzip -d - | tar xf -
or simply
  tar xfvz production_cell.tar.gz
if it works. The files will be extracted in a directory called production_cell. Calling the script run will start the simulation:
  cd production_cell
The run-script determines your operating system and hopefully uses the correct controller. The simulation does not terminate!